VOL for Life

Do you remember when you first became a fan of your favorite team? Born in the heart of Memphis, I grew up in an ocean of blue. The University of Memphis is the city’s golden child. There is no such thing as split loyalties. Yet, there was always that one team that kept me so mentally, physically, and emotionally engaged that I’ve been willing to fight for them over and over again. When I think about the University of Tennessee, I think about championship celebrations, tailgates, and, most important, brotherhood. Even though I am Memphis by birth, I became a Vol by choice.


I have always been a Tennessee Volunteer at heart. It was a dream come true to enroll at UT and play for the Vols. Coach Cuonzo Martin is a phenomenal man, and I feel blessed to have been with the Vols during his time coaching there.

Wearing the jersey of the greats who came before me, like Allan HoustonDale EllisChris Lofton, and of course, Bernie and Ernie, was a humbling experience. When you walk out on that floor for warm-ups, you can feel the history running through your veins. You can feel the energy of former players pumping through you.

So what does it mean to be a VFL? Peyton Manning probably said it best: “You’re not here for four years, you really are here for the rest of your life. There is a bond here. Once a Vol, always a Vol.” However, there’s even more to it than that.

Michael Robison